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wow-stats.com has been informing visitors about topics such as Pvp, Wow and Best. Join thousands of satisfied visitors who discovered Cap, Rating and Dps.This domain may be for sale! I made a new Horde character yesterday (allied race, so started at level 10 and quickly ported to Org). When I got there, there was an emissary at the board who gave me a quest to go meet with Sylvanas to start the war campaign of BFA. Contents7. Gnome6. Night Elf5. Dwarves4. Human3. Undeads/Forsaken2. Troll1. Orcs With reputation of being shadowly assassins and with gear style of ninja, rogues will definitely be attractive to many players and you might be one of them. Anyway, before you start your journey as a rogue, you might want to explore more about races that have … Top 7 Best Race For Rogue Wow Classic Read More »